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School inspectors at the National Inspectorate for Education and Sport are responsible for overseeing the activity of educational institutions in the annual programme of the Inspectorate;


School inspectors also ensure that each school or pre-primary institution is inspected every five years.


School inspectors may also visit institutions without warning to identify and deal with any cases of malpractice that may have been reported to them. In general, they have the task of ensuring a schools implementation of educational legislation, the appropriate use of funds and the quality of educational provision.


School inspectors examine school documents, records and school facilities and may question teachers, students and, with the permission of the school head teacher, visit classes to observe teaching practices.


School inspectors may also be assisted by experts, normally well-known teachers or researchers, who can provide them with valuable specialist opinions during such visits.


School inspectors are recruited by the government on the basis of an open procedure, with due regard for the proposal of a special commission appointed by the chief inspector.


School inspectors are employed by the State as civil servants and evaluated by the chief inspector.